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Air Ambulance Services in Silchar – Air Ambulance Aviation

Air Ambulance Aviation is dedicated to being your trusted partner for medical repatriation needs. Our highly experienced team is available round the clock, ready to assist you. Whether it’s arranging medical transport for patients via jet or helicopter, we ensure the shortest possible turnaround time.

We prioritize your convenience and well-being, offering 24/7 free consultations with no obligations. Should you require immediate medical repatriation, we can organize transportation within hours, utilizing helicopters or jets as per your needs. Additionally, our services extend to pediatric transport, complete with incubators, from Silchar Airport in Silchar. Contact us today via phone or our online form to discuss your requirements and let us facilitate a smooth and timely medical repatriation process for you or your loved ones.

Best air ambulance services in Silchar with intensive care 

We specialize in providing urgent intensive care air ambulance services in Silchar. Our approach involves utilizing fully equipped air ambulances staffed by experienced medical professionals to ensure smooth and safe flights. Our air ambulances, such as the Learjet 35A or Cessna Citation Bravo, are equipped with permanent intensive care equipment, and we can also accommodate additional equipment as needed to ensure the best possible in-flight medical care.

Our emphasis on flexibility ensures rapid and secure patient transportation from or to Silchar Airport, with minimal lead times. In addition to jets, we have medically equipped helicopters available at Silchar Airport. This allows us to offer comprehensive bed-to-bed patient transport services, provided that the hospitals or clinics involved have suitable landing space for helicopters.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering efficient and reliable medical transport solutions, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients throughout their journey. Contact us for personalized assistance and swift arrangements for urgent medical transport needs in Silchar and beyond.

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Air ambulance services in Silchar for Covid-19 and Pediatric

Our fleet of ambulance planes and helicopters is fully equipped to transport patients infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) safely and efficiently. Whether it’s an ambulance flight to Silchar or the starting point for an air ambulance journey to another country, we ensure the patient’s safe arrival at their destination.

We employ modern isolation devices that effectively prevent the spread of the disease to our medical crew or companions. These devices maintain a lowered atmospheric pressure, preventing any viruses from leaking out while allowing our flight medics to perform necessary medical procedures through strategically placed ports.

When it comes to transporting babies or children, we provide specialized medical paediatric transport services. Our highly experienced air medics, trained specifically for paediatric care, ensure that our youngest patients receive the best possible care. Our medical equipment is state-of-the-art and regularly updated to ensure reliability and effectiveness. Currently, we utilize the Draeger 5400 transport incubator for flights from Silchar due to its proven reliability.

For destinations with helipads, we utilize medically equipped ambulance helicopters and collaborate closely with the patient’s doctors in Silchar to understand their specific medical needs. We also utilize hospital heliports whenever available to minimize travel time and ensure a swift and safe journey for the patient.

Our commitment is to provide top-notch medical transport services with a focus on safety, efficiency, and patient comfort, especially during challenging situations like transporting Covid-19 patients or critically ill children. Contact us for tailored solutions and seamless medical transport experiences.

Why choose air ambulance services in Silchar by air ambulance aviation?

Choosing air ambulance services in Silchar by Air Ambulance Aviation can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Speed: Air ambulances can reach their destinations much faster than ground ambulances, especially in situations where time is critical for the patient’s survival or recovery.
  • Accessibility: Air ambulances can access remote or inaccessible areas where ground transportation may not be feasible or timely.
  • Medical Equipment: Air ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and trained medical personnel to provide immediate and specialized care during transport.
  • Stability and Comfort: Air ambulances are designed to provide a stable and comfortable environment for patients, including features like pressurized cabins and specialized medical beds.
  • Specialized Care: Air ambulance services often specialize in transporting patients with critical or specialized medical needs, ensuring they receive the appropriate level of care during transport.
  • Coordination: Air ambulance services typically have experienced coordination teams that can handle logistics, clearances, and other operational aspects to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer process.
  • 24/7 Availability: Air ambulance services usually operate round the clock, ensuring that patients can be transported promptly whenever needed, regardless of the time or day.

Overall, choosing air ambulance services in Silchar provided by Air Ambulance Aviation can significantly enhance the chances of a patient receiving timely and appropriate medical care during transport, especially in emergency situations or for long-distance transfers.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What is the cost of air ambulance in Silchar?

Ans: Air ambulance costs in Silchar  can vary, typically ranging from ₹2 lakhs to ₹8 lakhs or more. The final price depends on factors like transfer distance, required medical services, and the type of aircraft. Prices may differ between service providers and additional charges may apply.

Q2: How can I book Air Ambulance in Silchar ?

Ans: For information about our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch care and rapid transportation in medical emergencies, please reach out to us at +91 8976394108.

Q3: What does the Air Ambulance support?

Ans: Air ambulances play a crucial role in delivering urgent medical assistance, swiftly transporting patients – often in critical conditions – to healthcare facilities. These services encompass in-flight medical care, advanced life support systems, and a skilled medical team, ensuring the secure and prompt transfer of patients to the necessary healthcare facilities.

Q4: What is used air ambulance?

Ans: Repurposed fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters are commonly used for air ambulances, having undergone modifications to accommodate medical equipment and offer life support during patient transfers. These vehicles are equipped with specialized medical infrastructure, prioritizing the safety and well-being of patients throughout the transport process.

Q5: What is air ambulance charges?

Ans: Air ambulance costs in Silchar  can vary significantly, ranging from ₹2 lakhs to ₹8 lakhs or more. The overall expenses hinge on factors like distance, required medical services, aircraft type, and potential additional charges. It’s crucial to seek detailed quotes from service providers to understand the specific costs involved.

Q6: How do you arrange an air ambulance?

Ans: To arrange an air ambulance, contact Air Ambulance Aviation. Provide details such as the patient’s condition, location, and destination, and they will assist in coordinating the transport.

Q7: Can a serious patient travel in flight?

Ans: Yes, Serious patients can travel in flight. 

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