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VIP Charter Services

Our VIP Charter services are for important people like celebrities and business leaders who want privacy, comfort, and luxury when they fly. With our service, you get your own private jet with special things just for you. Whether you’re flying for work or fun, we’re here to make your trip easy and relaxing. Our team will take care of everything so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. So, if you want to travel in style, choose our VIP Charter services for an amazing experience!

When you choose Air Ambulance Aviation’s VIP Charter services, you get the whole plane just for you or your group. This means you have lots of privacy and comfort during your trip. We also offer special food and drink options, so you can pick what you like to eat and drink during the flight, based on what you prefer to eat and any diet restrictions you have.

We’ll also plan your flight schedule based on what works best for you, whether you’re traveling for work or fun. Our onboard helpers will make sure you have everything you need during the flight, whether it’s arranging special requests or helping you with anything you need.

We’ll also take care of arranging fancy transportation for you from the airport to your destination and back again. This includes luxury cars and drivers, making sure your ground travel matches the same level of comfort as your private jet ride. With our VIP Charter services, we make sure every part of your trip is perfect and gives you an amazing travel experience.

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